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woo tagged by anne ♡ (you’re so beautiful i don’t understand)

i don’t really know what the rules are but let’s just get this over with bc my face is ridiculous without filters D:


these are two of my best friends c: that was the last day in my old school last term, it was a very sad day and the girl behind me (her name is makenzy uwu) cried ;A;


that’s betsy my best friend Jack’s chicken (the guy above)


random bored selfie with justin (please don’t hate me)


it’s pip the bird again, which is Jack’s ahahah i cri i want a bird


that was on my birthday, i got flowers from dad uwu


in the first row at the benedict con, no doubt the best day of my life ignore my weird-ass face pls


the day i got a macbook pro (i’m spoiled brat i’m sorry ;u;)

i really don’t take much selfies bc my face is horrible so i guess here are some not-so-horrible ones ;u; 

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hai my lovelies!! i’ve wanted to do one of these for ages, and i’ve finally stopped procrastinating enough to make the edit, so i present to you my first botm!! 

How to enter:

✧ must be following me
✧ reblogs only (you can like to bookmark but they won’t count!!)
✧ ends 31st July
✧ i guess it has to reach 30 notes?? (or i’ll crawl back into my cave and stuff my face with chocolate)
✧ 1 winner, 2 runners-up

Looking for:

✧ fandom blogs with spn as their main fandom (multifandom is fine too!!)
✧ nice theme
✧ awesome posts
✧ great url
✧ a cutie patootie blogger

Winner will receive:

✧ +follow if not already
✧ spot in my updates tab for all of August
✧ help with anything you need
✧ promo when announced and random promo’s throughout August
✧ my eternal love and friendship
✧ lots of hugs??

Runners-up will receive:

✧ +follow if not already
✧ spot in my updates tab for all of August
✧ help with anything you need
✧ promo when announced then 2 random promo’s sometime during August
✧ my eternal love and friendship
✧ more hugs??

You can start reblogging now ayyy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Well… this is it. Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one dropout with six bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. 

Jensen and Jared backstage at The CW Summer TCA Press Tour

charismatic. cold.

{ soulless sam alphabet. }


jus chillin


The Art Tag is Great Inspiration 3/∞ ~ Women Morphed Together with Birds by Amy Judd


The business is now open